Artist's Statement:

In my "atmospheric landscapes" I explore moments of perception-- fleeting visuals that we experience without awareness- glimpses, fragments, outer frames of our visual encounters. It is the sensation of these moments, both intimate and panoramic, that allows the subconscious to leap from reality to imagination.  I want to freeze these momentary images for their evocative pleasures--- the air, the color, ambiguous and fleeting forms, the near and distant possibilities, the simplicity and complexity of nature.  It is my hope to form a personal connection between the image and the mind’s eye of the viewer.

I also enjoy exploring themes of tension and contradiction in more abstract compositions.  I believe oppositional forces are also a constant in contemporary life. I don't attempt to resolve these tensions but capture their energy through the explosive power of color and the animating force of light and movement. Abstraction allows for controlled liberties-- paint and color can be manipulated, juxtaposed, veiled and projected into imagery that we can reference however we wish for a uniquely personal and intimate experience.

With these intentions, my process is highly organic---working in layers in a spontaneous manner that allows an image to evolve with its own ecology and interpretive meaning.


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